For a GIRL to become a Scout at Troop 54, she or her parents need to submit the following:

              For instructions for renewal of annual membership, click here.

1.  BSA registration form.
Troop 54 uses BSA's on-line registration system.  Go to, then click on "Scouts BSA", click on "Troops for Girls", type 77019, and click on "Apply Now" under Troop 54.

2.  Payment of T-54 dues.
Troop 54 collects dues annually to cover the expenses of the troop.  The dues are currently $305 for new scouts, minus the registration fee paid to BSA in Step 1. This payment is made at the T-54 Store at this link.  Click on "New Scout" or "Transfer Scout" (if from a Cub pack or another troop).  The initial dues are $220 for transferring scouts provided they are already registered for the current year with BSA.  New scouts will receive a T-54 neckerchief, handbook and other items upon joining.

This fee also covers the registration fee for one parent if that adult wishes to be a registered BSA leader.  If a second parent wants to also be a registered BSA leader, there is an additional $50 fee.

Scholarships:  Parents of Scouts in need of financial assistance may contact either the Troop Committee Chair (Alan Clark) or the Scoutmaster (Eric Lokker) to discuss needs.  More information is contained in the Troop Handbook at this link.

3.  BSA Medical Form, Insurance, Immunization and Consents.
Complete and print the forms from the links below, and make copies of insurance card and immunications.  Send these documents to George Ho, Troop 54's Medical Officer, at 6227 Sutherland Sq, Houston TX 77081.

Medical forms:

Click here to download the MEDICAL FORM with Parts A, B1 and B2 only(PDF, 3 pages).  Parts A, B1 and B2 do not require a doctor's exam.

Click here to download the MEDICAL FORM with Parts A, B1, B2 and C (PDF, 4 pages).  Part C of this form does require a doctor's exam.  Part C is needed prior to summer camp, any high-adventure activity, or various other activities as described on the form.

Waiver and Medical consent to treat forms:
Click here to download Consent, Release and Emergency Contact Form.
Click here to download Consent to Treat Form.

Scout Uniform.
BSA Class A uniforms are worn at troop meeting and events.  For guidance on purchase of a Scout Uniform, click here.  One T-54 neckerchief is included with the initial registration.


For an ADULT to become a registered leader at Troop 54, he/she needs to do or submit the following:

1.  BSA adult application and background check form.
These forms are available at this link.  Complete and print the two forms.  Original signatures are required.  Deliver the originals to Monica Trevino, the Troop Registrar.

2.  Youth Protections Training
Adult leaders are required to complete YPT prior to becoming a registered leader, and must renew this training every second year.  Create an account at, and complete the training (approx 1 hr).  Print the certificate and include along with the applications in Step 1 to Monica Trevino.

3.  Medical Forms
Download the appropriate medical form from the links above, complete and print.  Deliver the completed form along with copy of insurance card and immunization record to Courtney Bucy, Troop 54's Medical Officer, at 4022 Southwestern, Houston 77005.

4.  Membership fee
The BSA registration for one parent is included in the youth registration fee.  For a second parent to be a registered leader, the is a $50 fee payable at the T-54 Store at this link.

Forms can be submitted via US mail or hand delivered at troop meetings.  You can email specific adult leader to coordinate the hand-off.

Additional Training
In addition to the required YPT course, all adult leaders at T-54 are required to complete the specific training for the position in which they wish to serve (Asst Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counselor, etc). First do the online portion at, then register for the in-person components, if needed.