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Making Videos for FCT Instruction

Instructors and Troop Guides are encouraged to produce videos for specific skills that new scouts are required to learn for advancement to Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class amd First Class.  The procedure is as follows:

  • Wear your Class A Scout Uniform.
  • Introduce yourself and state your Position of Responsibility (Instructor or Troop Guide).
  • Clearly state the requirement you are going to cover and read that requirement aloud.
  • Make sure you have re-read the associated parts of the Scout Handbook to cover key information completely.
  • You may add additional information or personal stories to keep in interesting and engaging.
  • Use the EDGE Method (Explain and Demonstrate the skill to be taught).
  • Get a parent or sibling to help you maneuver the camera and use a tripod if possible.
  • It is preferred that you edit the video yourself into a short movie with a title and requirement number on the title screen.

T-54 has a designated Google file to which you can add a link to your video when complete.  Send an email to Mrs. Burke at burkepack55@icloud.com and Mr. Lokker at scoutmaster@troop54.com, and they will provide the address for the file location.  They will review the submission and approve or provide feedback.  The FCT coordinators will then add your video to this website once approved.