Religious Awards


From the BSA national website:
"To encourage members to grow stronger in their faith, religious groups have developed the religious emblem programs.  Scouts BSA has approved of these programs and allows the emblems to be worn on the official uniform.  The various religious groups administer the programs."

Troop 54 has girls that belong to various Christian denominations as well as many other faiths.   Most major religious groups sponsor religious awards, and Troop 54 encourages each family to participate in the program of that family's religious faith.

For an index of the various religious award programs, click here.

The God & Country religious program is supported by most Protestant dominations, including the Episcopal Church.  There are minor variations, and some requirements need to be completed with a clergy member from the Scout's specific domination.

The God & Country program has the following four components:
            God & Me
            Grades 1 - 3
            God & Family
            Grades 4 - 5
            God & Church
            Grades 6 - 8 (see note below)
            God & Life
            Grades 9 - 12

The course to earn the God & Church award is offered most years for those Scouts who belong to St. John the Divine Episcopal Church and Scouts from any other Protestant domination who wish to participate in St. John's program.  This course will be conducted in a series of meetings in November, December and January of each year.  This course is designed for Scouts who are taking confirmation classes (usually during 7th grade), but the award can be earned by Scouts who are younger or older.  For Scouts who are Catholic, Jewish or of other faiths, Troop 54 can assist with arrangements for Scouts to earn the religious awards offered by organizations of those faiths.  For the Scouts who complete this program, the religious award is presented on Scout Sunday in February.

An adult coordinator is needed for this program.  To volunteer or for more information, please contact the Troop Committee Chair or the Troop's Chartered Organization Rep.

For a description of the God & Church Award and the requirements to earn it, click here.